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Embark on your journey to get Oman driving license with our top practice tests. Driving without a valid license in Oman is a punishable offense. Royal Oman Police (ROP) issues various categories of driving licenses for 18-year-old residents and non-natives. Explore our mock tests for bike, car, and truck driving tests to get ready for the Oman traffic sign test.

Oman Traffic Sign Test

Oman driving theory tests are designed by professionals with expertise in running driving schools and licensing examinations. If you meet the minimum eyesight and medical requirements, you can apply for a driving license in Oman and start preparing for the test.

With our practice tests, you can learn road signs, traffic signs, warnings, road rules, and more, but in a smarter way. The tests will help you build confidence for the real test and ensure you get all the answers correct.

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A Detailed Guide to Oman Driving License

How It Functions

Oman has one of the strictest procedures for issuing driving license. Do not get overwhelmed because of the long and tiring process. We are here to provide the step-by-step guide to obtain your driving license.

Vision Test

The applicant must meet the standard vision requirements. Get your eyesight checked at one of the recognized eye test centers.

Traffic Sign Test

Oman traffic sign test is an oral test where you will be shown images related to traffic and road signs. Attempting our practice tests will help you clear this test in one go.

Drum Test

After clearing the sign test, you must take the drum test by driving (forward and reverse) between a narrow passage with drums on each side without touching or hitting the drums.

Slope Test

Display your skills by driving the vehicle on a forward slope. This test requires abundance of practice.

Road Test

The final test is driving on a public road with your examiner accompanying you. Drive carefully and pass the test to acquire your license.

Type Of Test

What Do We Provide?

What Do We Provide?

Get Started for Free

We offer plenty of free practice tests for everyone getting ready to hit the road. Our free mock tests include all the important topics such as traffic signs, road signs, controls, etc.

Identical Mock Tests

Our tests are constructed to provide the same experience as the real test. With abundant traffic sign test practice, you can appear for the test confidently.

1600+ Test Questions

We ensure you come across plenty of test options so that you are efficiently prepared for any type of question.

Assorted Categories

Practice tests are available for diverse categories of vehicles like bikes, cars, heavy vehicles such as trucks, and so on.

Navigate with Confidence, not with Guesswork

Mock Tests for Efficient and Smarter Preparation

Practice is the Key

Oman has strict test policies so guessing the answers is a fruitless effort. Start exercising our practice tests to become a pro at the traffic signs test.

Gain Confidence

Get acquainted with the test style and questions beforehand so that you do not get stressed out and appear confidently for the real test.

Self-Analyse with Dashboard

The exclusive dashboard feature gives you a report of your correct answers and errors. You can re-take the tough questions and practice harder to improve.

Unlimited Mock Tests

We do not limit the number of tests you can access. Attempt as many tests as you want prior attending the traffic sign test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the ROP Oman Road Signs Test

Oman’s driving license procedure is controlled and operated by Royal Oman Police (ROP). Any resident who has completed 18 years is eligible to apply for a driving license. Visit the nearest driving license test center and register with ROP for a driving license.

They will issue a “green book” which holds your driving test records and has a guide to traffic signs that you must learn for the test. Make sure to practice mock tests from our website since most of these questions appear in the real test.

The examiner will show you 5 to 6 signboards for which you must provide correct answers. After passing the traffic signs test, you must clear the drum and slope tests, which require driving alone in different situations.

Finally, pass the road test by showing your impressive driving skills. Congratulations! Your license will be issued at their earliest convenience.

Traffic Sign Test Topics

ROP Oman road signs test questions are based on the following topics:

Oman Driving License Categories

Light vehicle license – The minimum age is 18 years; allows you to drive motorbikes, cars, and other 4-wheelers like quadricycles. Valid for 10 years for Omanis and 2 years for non-Omanis.

Motorcycle License – The minimum age is 18 years; allows you to drive only motorbikes. Valid for 10 years for Omanis and 2 years for non-Omanis.

Heavy Duty License – The required age is 21 years; allows to drive minibus, bus, mowing vehicles, etc., and is valid for 5 years for Omanis and 2 years for non-Omanis.

Truck License – The required age is 21 years; allows to drive mini trucks, trucks, fire engines, etc., and has a validity of 5 years for Omanis and 2 years for non-Omanis.

Temporary License – The minimum age is 18 years; valid for 10 years for both Omanis and foreigners.

What Happens After I Pass the Test?

After passing the traffic signs test, you must also clear the three practical driving tests, namely drum test, slope test, and road test. Both drum test and slope test will be carried out in the driving test centers while you drive alone.

Whereas the road test will be taken on a public road with an examiner in the passenger seat, inspecting your driving skills. Once you clear the tests, you are ready to acquire your Oman driving license.